Be your own boss

Twins Chicken is proud to offer prospective buyers/franchisees the opportunity to build, own, and operate their own business. Here at Twins Chicken we have spent the last 3 years perfecting our business model with one goal in mind, expansion. 

We are now prepared to rapidly expand our operations and are looking for motivated, self driven people to help us accomplish this growth. 

Our business model is built around "simplicity", we want to work smarter, not harder. That is why we offer an extremely simple model to follow. You don't need prior restaurant experience to successfully manage your own store. You simply need to follow our model and procedures, take care of your store, and love working for yourself. 

Contact us regarding franchise opportunities in your local area.  

Why own a Twins Chicken restaurant? 

  • Simple Business Model
    • Simple Menu
    • Simple Operations
    • Simple Training
    • Simple Management
  • Low Operating Costs
    • Vary low costs of goods = higher gross margins that result in higher profits
    • Minimal labor required to operate store. Can run store with as few as 2 employees at a time when slow
    • Self Check Out Kiosks - reduce your labor & increase your bottom line
  • Affordable Build Out Costs
    • Our store designs look amazing but are not complicated and expensive
  • Automated Systems
    • Everything is online - No paper or file cabinets.
    • Ability to manage your store remotely. You don't have to be in your store 24/7
      Pay someone else to manage the staff and you can manage your business.
    • See what is happening live
      • Cloud based Point of Sales System
      • Cloud based scheduling & employee management
      • Cloud based Inventory Management & Ordering
      • Cloud based Security Camera System
    • Online Training for you & your staff
      • Never worry about your staff being properly trained -track their completion of training
        and know who is fully trained and who isn't. 
      • All training lessons are online - People tend to make up their own methods and then pass them onto others. 
        Online training courses insure the same methods are being taught to all your staff, reducing bad habits from creating. 
      • Have a record for accountability - No one can make excuses anymore, see what your staff has been trained and tested on. If they still don't follow procedures, they are either ignoring them or need to be retrained. 
  • Growing Network of Support
    • As Twins Chicken grows in size so does our purchasing power. Having massive purchasing power will allow us to continue to improve our back end operations that result in lower costs to you.
    • We have a plan to lower your costs even further, helping you generate more profit per store. 
  • We Invest In You!
    • Our founder believes owning your own business is the surest way to create wealth for you and your family
    • Joining our family means you'll also learn how to create and manage your wealth.
    • Ability to own multiple stores
    • We don't make money unless you do

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